All Best Cydia Tweaks Weekly Roundup

The need of jailbreak comes when someone in thirst of more power on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices above the standard iOS stock walls. Although it seems quite still the state of jailbreak, it does not make the updates to Cydia less. So if you think, you have missed checking out the recent releases of Best Cydia Tweaks in the past days, this would be worth reading for all learning.

Best Cydia Tweaks

Since Todesco’s Yalu came working on 10-10.2, there was no update to a workable jailbreak so far. Although there were certain demonstrations on various firmware there on, we found none of them ready for coming to the public. And among them, Todesco’s WebKit exploit helpful in Jailbreak iOS 11 is noticeable on which we could keep more trust. And in the recent times, we came to a new jailbreak concept call Saigon from a different developer from the names we often get in the ear in target iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak. But at the moment, that is just a Xcode source project dedicated to the developers.

What are the Best Cydia Tweaks this time?

With the distracting pause continuing in the jailbreak, we find Cydia quite slow in the upgrades. But as that not going to get to a halt completely, we here reserved space to tell you about what is new in this week. So let us see how they work.

SwitcherXI for Free

Cydia Tweaks

For the ones with iOS 10 jailbreak privileges would love to take iOS 11 features. But when jailbreak makes you stop, the only option is having Jailbreak Tweaks inspired with the features. And here SwitcherXI is one like that which brought you the 11-like App switcher experience. It is a free aesthetic tweak to get iOS 11 matching App switcher experience.

Tooth for $1.00

Cydia Tweaks

This is a useful addition to Cydia store for the users of Activator. In fact, it can make you interacted the Bluetooth devices with Activator gestures to easily connections and options individually. The tweak sits in the paid category to take after $1.00 of payment.

HideReminderSearchView for Free

Cydia tweaks

Although the new Reminders app is one of the loved ones of fans, there is some distract with its in wanting state of customization. But as a solution the new tweak now sits in the store for free from which you can hide the Search bar from the Reminders app by simplifying the interface.

UpsideBoard for Free

Cydia Tweaks

This is an interesting tweak update which allows upside-down viewing on your iPhone. And as the tweak does not come to a limit from the Plus-size handsets, this has become a useful tweak for a majority.

iPAd Support for Whatsapp for Free

Cydia tweaks

If you are a fan of Whatsapp messaging service and like to get the service on latest iPad, this is a useful tweak to try. In fact, it allows you the native iPad compatibility to the WhatsApp Messenger application for no cost.

These are the Best Cydia Tweaks to highlight in this weeks releases. So hope you find this worth reading and do share for everyone love to play with Cydia Tweaks.

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