Do you know Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10 Messages App?

Seen Yalu 10 successfully around months together with Apple iOS changes, we found interesting additions in Cydia. As Cydia is a wide range of various options, this update comes in concern of the most used Message app features. So in this piece of writing, we will show you some Best Cydia Tweaks to enhance iOS 10 Messages app experience to the most excellent. If you are with jailbreak or in planning soon, read and catch how to tweak your iOS 10 stock messages app.

best cydia tweaks

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 10 Messages App

As the most used app all the time, we all love to get more features in the messages app. But when you are limited in the stock setting, jailbreaking is the only way for a notable change. So read and find what are the tweaks work best for your messages app.

DarkMessages for Free


Most of you love night mode tweaks on your iOS from which iOS messages can be turned into a different look and feel. Among a number of options in the Cydia, I find DarkMessages as one of the best free choices. So try this for free to make your message app dark-style.

Littlemoji for Free


Bigger Emojis is one of the best features gifted with iOS 10. In fact, iOS 10 made your emojis biggers in size when they are sent with no text. But in case if you now feel, Little Emojis are better, here you are Littlemoji jailbreak app for free to turn them back like iOS 9 days.

TranslucentMessages for Free


TranslucentMessages is a free Cydia Tweak that helps you to change the skin of your iOS 10 messages app. With translucent visuals, this amazing free app prevents you from the boring UI. So to take your message app away from all same stocks, this is a handy pick.

MessageFilter for Free


When you keep the same phone to contact family, friend as well as your professional links, you may often meet with mistakes. Can you imagine how it is when you messed up a message to your friend and with a colleague or boss? Then how could you ensure that your message never going to the wrong contact? Although it is not possible with stock, jailbreak makes the best space for it. With the free app MessageFilter, you can make a special blacklist and whitelist system to where each message needs to be sent. So with a wrong contact, it alerts you ensuring no more mistakes with messages.

The above given are some best Cydia Tweaks to use in the Messages app. But as this is not the end of surprises, stay signed for more ahead.

A Word About Current Jailbreak State

Jailbreak ios 10.3

With Luca Todesco’s Yalu 10 Jailbreak, we find iOS 10 jailbreak fans happy. But as the tool only workable up to 10.2, the version above still stay at a none-jailbroken state. And as we find no Cydia demonstrations above 10.2 so far, we currently at a doubt about how jailbreak will be changed in times approaching. As most believe, it will be jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 or 10.3. However, with the promise of bringing an update soon, I wrap up for today with Best Cydia Tweaks. But not forget to subscribe us for more jailbreak news.

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